Successful chemical companies don't just happen. The pursuit of success has to be constant, only then will quality service and customer satisfaction is achieved and maintained.

We are one of India’s leading chemical suppliers. At Jateen Trading Co., we strive to not only meet the customer’s expectations but to exceed them. For over three decades, we have served countless companies, providing them with our high quality products. After the earthquake of 2001, we have been the pillar that has supported innumerable number of industries for fulfilling their chemical product needs. Since 1987, we have become one of the most reputed chemical suppliers, along with being one of India’s fastest growing chemical supplying companies.

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Our Brilliant Minds

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Mr. Jayendra Parekh

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Mr. Jatin Parekh

Business Head
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Mr. Nanji K.

Dispatch Coordinator


Distribution of chemical since 1987
Distribution of chemical since 1987
2000 sq feet ware house
2000 sq feet ware house
Team of experienced experts for all kind of water treatment
Team of experienced experts for all kind of water treatment
50+ Active customers
50+ Active customers
50+ Products
50+ Products
Dominating distributor in Gujarat
Dominating distributor in Gujarat
Renowned for Quality products and timely services
Renowned for Quality products and timely services
MSME Registered
MSME Registered

Our Clients

Friends Group
Dorfketal Chemicals India PVT LTD
Unilever India Exports LTD
Adani Power LTD
Surya Roshani LTD
Man Industries LTD
Miracle Coro Plast
Tokyo Plast International
Royal Petrochem
ION Exchange
Dyna Glycol P LTD
Jindal Saw
Gravita India LTD
Genus Electrotech LTD
Ahlstrom Munksjo
Amulya Mica
CPL Ply-Mica
Sarhad Dairy
Dolby Mica


On-time delivery

Here at Jateen Trading, we take pride in the fact that since 1987, not a single customer has received late delivery.

Quick response rate

We have staff working around the clock to assist you because you are our number one priority.

Packaging variety

To protect the products and materials during transport, we use a variety of packaging to ensure that your product reaches you safely.

Single point of communication

Everytime you enquire or have a problem and call us, the same person picks up the phone so that there is no need to re-explain, no time wasted, increases trust, dependability and it is efficient.

Efficient sampling process

To build trust with the customer, we have an sampling option so that you are sure of the product and it’s quality before you buy it.

Competitive pricing

We provide the best products for the lowest price possible so that you never have to settle with an inferior product or a high price.